The Emergency Food Company

For all emergencies, great and small...

Why Us?

There are a lot of companies which supply emergency food, or food for long-term storage, and there are some other good companies out there. So, why use us? The Emergency Food Company is a distributor of Realize Foods, one of the best options available. Additionally, remember, 100% of net profit from the Emergency Food Company is used to fund Christian ministries. NO ONE else can say that!

From the Realize company website, here is what they state is the Realize Difference:

"We have finally made long-term food storage affordable for everyone. Today, we all live in a crazy world. No one knows what tomorrow has in store. Make sure you and your family have food in any emergency or disaster situation. Our delicious and nutritious meals are built for emergency and disaster situations. All of our meals have up to a 25-year shelf life. Our chef with over 30 years experience creates all our delicious homemade recipes, but none of that matters if the food is unaffordable to you. That is why we have created the ability to set up a monthly recurring order for whatever your budget allows and over time you can build your emergency food storage for you and your family."

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Finally, an affordable solution!